Submit Your Proposed Branding for the Walker Arts District!

Submit Your Proposed Branding for the Walker Arts District

DEADLINE: April 3, 2017 at midnight


The Norman Arts Council, in remembrance of Larry Walker, is seeking proposals for branding of the newly named Walker Arts District.

The Walker Arts District encompasses the Downtown Norman area from University Blvd. on the west, Carter Ave. on the east, Acres St. on the north, and Eufaula St. on the south. This area is also a certified cultural district with the State of Oklahoma.

The Walker Arts District is a lively, engaged, and viable area that includes arts and social service nonprofits, galleries, performance spaces, residences, retail businesses, professional offices, and properties owned by the City of Norman. The driving force for the arts in the district is embodied in the Norman Arts Council.  The NAC Board of Directors and Staff coordinate, support, market, fund, and schedule most of the arts activities in the area. The mission of the NAC is to enrich the Norman community by stimulating artistic, cultural and economic growth through the support and promotion of the arts.

Selected branding design will be used in electronic and print media, and potentially as physical signage for the district.


Selected design will be awarded $1,500.

Selected artist or designer will work with Norman Arts Council staff to transfer design elements upon notification of award.


Applications for the award will be reviewed by a selection committee of the Norman Arts Council according to the policies of the Council and considering the following criteria:

1.    Artistic excellence and originality

2.    Thoughtful proposed branding design


RFP is open to any artist or designer living in Norman, OK for at least the past 12 months.

RFP must be submitted by April 3, 2017 via this website. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All design proposals must be original and available in a layered, vector format, if selected.


Submissions must be submitted electronically via this form. Paper submissions will not be accepted. Application must include:

1. Electronic Application

2. Artist/Designer Bio/Resume and Portfolio – Include a current professional bio/resume and portfolio.

3. Narrative – Include a description of how you believe the design embodies the identity of the Walker Arts District and how it works to both honor Larry Walker’s memory and brand the district.

4. Design Elements –  Include a minimum of FIVE (5) and a maximum of TEN (10) images of your branding proposal, including mockups and standalone images of the design. Images should be in .jpg, .png or .pdf format with a minimum resolution of approximately 800×600 pixels.

5. Additional Support Materials. You may include additional materials that you feel will help support your application.

**Designers/artists may submit more than one proposal

The Norman Arts Council reserves the right to withhold any awards based on the lack of qualified proposals.