Public Art Calls

Norman Public Arts Board Bike Rack Project

Not currently accepting new bike rack submissions. Winning designs of Phase III are currently being installed.

Norman Park Sculpture Project


Request for Proposals: Norman Public Arts’ Park Sculpture Project
Due: Monday, February 6, 2017
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The Norman Public Arts Board (PAB), on behalf of the Norman Arts Council and the City of Norman, seeks artists (or team of artists) to design and enhance/paint a fabricated fiberglass sculptures of ducks. These sculptures will be placed in three City of Norman Parks designed for children (locations TBD). It is the future intent of the Public Arts Board to produce additional fiberglass sculptures in other Norman parks. This RFP is for three separate ducks, from which three submissions will be selected.

Each duck stands 44” tall and is made from the original Samo Ducky sculpture by Douglas Shaw Elder, which resides in Lions Park on Flood Avenue. In addition to Samo Ducky, there are 14 ducky installations currently located in Norman. To view the ducks and their locations, please visit or

Although the surface design is open, care must be taken in the application of selected proposals to protect the sculpture from the expected contact of children interacting with the sculptures. The design should take into consideration visibility by vehicles driving by the parks as well as the sculpture’s role as a functioning activity for children in the parks.

The goal of this project is to create and install sculptures that encourage creativity from the viewers and users of the park. The theme, including an appropriate name, is completely up to the artists.

The completed sculptures will be installed and dedicated by Spring 2016. To improve the longevity of the finished design and ease the removal of potential surface markings, sculptures must be coated with multiple layers of clear top coats, appropriate for the medium used, and three coats of paste wax before the artist delivers their completed painted/enhanced sculpture.


The artist’s honorarium for each of the sculptures is $500, payable upon completion and delivery. The fiberglass form will be available for pick up from the Firehouse Art Center; upon completion, ducks will be delivered back to the Firehouse before installation.


Open to all artists living within the city limits of Norman, Oklahoma.


Application Deadline: February 6, 2017, 4:00 PM
Notification to Artists: no later than February 20, 2017
Artist Pick Up of Fiberglass Forms: no later than February 27, 2017
Deadline for the Delivery of Completed Sculptures: April 3, 2017
*Artists will pick up and drop off duck sculptures at the Firehouse Art Center, 444 S Flood Avenue.
Installation of Sculptures in Parks: Spring 2017


Additional Norman Public Art Board Projects


East Norman Public Library Branch — RFQ

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Norman Arts Council on behalf of The City of Norman and Norman Forward Percent for Art, for Norman Public Library East, is seeking an artist (or team of artists) to create a significant work of art for the new Norman Public Library East to be located at 3001 East Alameda Street, Norman, Oklahoma.

Norman, located 20 miles south of downtown Oklahoma City, is the third-largest city in Oklahoma. The citizens of Norman initiated NORMAN FORWARD, a proposal to renovate, expand, construct and fund Quality of Life projects, such as multiple recreational facilities, libraries, parks, athletic venues, public art, trails, swim complexes and other quality of life projects throughout Norman.  The initiative went  to the City Council from community groups, stakeholders and Norman residents, who prepared an initial package using analysis and information from recreational planning professionals and research firms. In 2015, the City Council placed NORMAN FORWARD on a ballot that was overwhelmingly supported by Norman voters.

The Norman Public Library East is a part of the Pioneer Library System whose brand promise is Pioneering Tomorrow’s Library. This promise is realized through cutting edge technologies and 21st century customer service strategies. The oldest of eight library systems in Oklahoma, Pioneer began in 1958 and serves Cleveland, McClain and Pottawatomie counties with branch libraries in ten communities including Norman.  The branch libraries are offered in partnership with the cities that provide and maintain the facilities while Pioneer administers the libraries and funds the operational costs including personnel, materials and technologies.  Pioneer is funded at the highest level of Oklahoma’s library systems thanks to the interest and support of the citizens in its service area.

The City of Norman has been working with library design consultants MSR Design for the East Branch which will be located adjacent to the new Fire Station No. 9.

The  library will have a collection of 20,000+ items and will feature 12,500 square feet of highly flexible space that will support a mobile service approach, new education models, collaborative learning, information sharing, and digital literacy, including tablet lending services. The design includes 1,100 square-foot children’s area with 12 reader seats and 3 early literacy alcoves. For teens and adults, there will a 3,700 square-foot area with 38 reader seats, 18 computer stations, and dedicated teens-only hours. There will also be a community program room with seating for 100, plus meeting and study rooms.

The Artwork

The Project Team has determined that the artwork will be most effective outdoors in the area around the building. Please see the attached site plan to understand the building plan and topography.

Since the work of art will be outside, it should complement the beauty of the site and the architecture of the building as well as welcome all visitors to the library. The artwork should also express a spirit inherent in all libraries, e.g. a sense of wonderment, curiosity, learning and inclusiveness. Visitors, staff and customers should be able to interact with the chosen artwork, either physically (sitting on it or in its shade, or touching it) and/or passively (listening to it, or observing it.)

The Project Team is open to any media or material that is appropriate to the site as long as it is durable, safe, low maintenance and vandalism resistant.


The total artist’s fee for the project is $30,000.00. This amount must cover all associated costs including design, materials, fabrication, travel, insurance coverage, shipping and installation.

Artist Eligibility

Open to professional artists with experience working on public art projects and creating site-specific works.


RFQ Deadline: Friday, December 16, 2016 at 12:00 pm (midnight)

            The following dates are subject to change:

Notify Artists:  By Thursday, January 12, 2017

            Finalists’ Site Visit: By Friday, February 3, 2017

Finalists’ Presentation of Proposals: By Friday, March 10, 2017

Selection of Artist: By Thursday, March  23, 2017

Opening of Norman Public Library East: December, 2017

Application Guidelines

Submissions for this project must contain the following materials:

  • A one page maximum typed letter of interest outlining your qualifications for and interest in the project, as well as the general idea for your approach. Please consider the following questions when developing your letter of interest:
    • Why do you want to work on this project?
    • How would you approach this project?
    • What materials do you work with that would be appropriate for outdoor use?
    • Have you worked on similar projects? If not, what relevant experiences do you have?
    • How does the project relate to your current work?
  • Resume (not to exceed three pages)
  • 10 to 15 digital high resolution images of previous work you feel would support your ability to carry out this project
  • Annotated image list in desired priority of viewing that corresponds with the names of the digital files and includes the following information:
    • Artist’s name, Title of artwork, medium, size, date of artwork completion, location and project details (i.e. Budget commissioning agency, etc., if          public art).
    • The list should be sorted in desired priority of viewing.
  • A list of three references with whom you have worked on a public art project, including current telephone number and/or email address.
  • Questions or for more information, contact:

Debby Williams, Norman Arts Council Percent for Art Project Manager


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Committee and Selection Criteria

The artist will be selected based on the materials submitted—please see the Application Guidelines above. Selection for this project will be made by a panel including stakeholders, design professionals, a City representative, a member of the Norman Public Art board and members of the arts community. The panel will be looking at the merit of the artist’s work, past experience at completing projects on time and within budget, and appropriateness and maintenance requirements of the proposed concept. The Panel will also consider artists who can demonstrate sensitivity to the site and surroundings. Artists must be able to commit and effectively work within the project timeline and collaborate with the Library administration.

Selection Process

The Selection Panel will review applicants’ submissions and then select three finalists who will come to Norman for a mandatory site visit to meet with the Project Team and others. They will be paid a $250.00 allowance to cover transportation, hotel and per diem expenses for the site visit. After the site visit, they will be asked to create a site specific design proposal that will include:

  • a scale model, maquette, or computer generated design
  • an itemized budget
  • a project timeline
  • project narrative
  • maintenance plan

The finalists selected will each be awarded an honorarium of $500.00 for their proposal. Finalists will be required to present their proposals in person to the Selection Panel. Artists will receive a $250.00 allowance for transportation, hotel and per diem expenses for the proposal presentations. The Selection Panel will make the final decision on the artist awarded the project.

Commissioning of artists is implemented without preference to racial or ethnic origins, sex, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability or age.

The Norman Arts Council and the City of Norman reserve the right to modify this solicitation and to request additional information or proposals from any or all participating artists. The Norman Arts Council and the City of Norman also reserve the right to accept or reject, at any time prior to the commissioning of a work, any or all proposals when the acceptance, rejection, waiver or advertisement would be in the best interest of the project. In addition, they may solicit proposals from artists not responding to this call and reserves the right to select an artist outside of the pool of artists responding to this call.