Norman Arts: February 2016

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Dive into Norman Arts Council’s new look monthly magazine, combining arts events and happenings from the month ahead plus the full 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk Guide!

MAINSITE to host Public Narrative: Story of Self, Us & Now

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Everyone has a narrative. As humans, our narrative is ever-changing: we add and delete memories, modify the internal structures that make up our identities, and adjust to new environments and outside influences. The timeline of our story often starts by looking inward to the self, then to our community for collaboration, and finally to the future for progress. This timeline, defined in educational terms as “public narrative,” collectively starts and ends through each of our lives but is also a cyclical process in which we live.

The 2015 Oklahoma Art Writing and Curatorial Fellowship (OAWCF) presents Public Narrative: Story of Self, Us, & Now at MAINSITE Contemporary Art from February 12th – March 12th,  a three-part exhibit that focuses on the idea of public narrative and its movement from our internal psyche (Topical Breach; Story of Self), to the collective group (The Parts and The Sum; Story of Us), to the present and future of our communities (Whose Fault; Story of Now).

Throughout this exhibit, curators Jessica Borusky, Laura Reese, Lauren Scarpello, and Liz Roth, highlight contemporary topics, including the emotional process of experiencing a breach in life, stories of present-day discrimination, and current environmental issues, such as fracking, that will affect the future of … Read More »

International Art Exchange Makes Encore Appearance at the Paseo Plunge

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Norman Arts Council brought Italian artists to Oklahoma as a part of an art exchange program between sister cities called Cultural Connections last fall. Those who missed the exhibition — Cultural Connections: Arezzo In Norman — will get a second chance to see the artwork as part of an encore at the Paseo Plunge, located at 3010 Paseo in Oklahoma City, OK.

The exhibition will open at the First Friday Art Walk in the Paseo Arts District on Friday, February 5 with an opening reception lasting from 6 to 9 p.m. The exhibit will stay up through Saturday, March 5.

Artists Enrique Moya Gonzalez, Sara Lovari and Massimiliano Luchetti created much of the artwork onsite at MAINSITE Contemporary Art — where the exhibition debuted — in Norman. Thousands of patrons enjoyed the exhibition during its two-month stay in the fall, but this gives art lovers who may have missed the chance to get to know another country’s cultural through creativity.

“The program was established in an effort to further the bonds between Norman, Oklahoma and its sister cities, consisting of a series of exhibitions that will bring international artists to Oklahoma and send Norman artists across the globe to share our heritage and … Read More »

Visiting Artist Adam Fung brings ‘the shape of everything’ to OU’s Lightwell Gallery

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the shape of everything opens Friday, Jan. 15, in the Lightwell Gallery at the University of Oklahoma School of Art and Art History. The exhibition will provide an overview of paintings and works by Adam Fung spanning the past five years of his career, and will be on display through Friday, Feb. 5. A complimentary public reception is scheduled from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 22, in the Lightwell Gallery.

“My hope with this exhibition is to provide a wide array of “vantage points” or different angles of exploring the idea that although the universe (and perhaps multi-verse) is unfathomably large, we still seek out answers, information, attempt to map it out, and the title the shape of everything reflects one avenue of thought – that everything can be mapped mathematically,” says Fung, who will be displaying, among various experimental works, an inflatable painting that changes shapes throughout the day. “I would like students and visitors to dwell on the dichotomy of being so small but also part of something so big,” he added.

Fung uses a variety of different techniques in his paintings. From transparent layering, to realism and abstraction, this is an opportunity to see his works over a … Read More »